WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature Comes to Android

WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature Comes to Android


WhatsApp has finally introduced the new functionality of the cat for all Android users. The functionality was earlier this month for Android beta users. The WhatsApp chat feature allows users to rate cats’ favorite cats from the tab. With the new feature, WhatsApp users can display up to three contacts in addition to the rest of the conversation.

“With cats on, you should never worry about the long list to scroll conversations to send a text to your family or your best friend.Now users can classify up to three of the most important individual cat groups at the top of their list Chat for easy access – simply press and hold a chat message and hit the icon at the top of the screen clip, “said WhatsApp in a statement announcing the pin function for Android.

Unfortunately, pin cats currently only support three cats then a notification is displayed that “You can attach up to 3 cats” if you try to locate another cat.
In addition to the Pin option, WhatsApp users can also see other options, such as Erase, Mute, and Archive, which appear during prolonged cat pressure.

One of the key highlights of the new PIN functionality is that once you’ve impressed a cat, it will remain at the top of the chat list regardless of your dialogue or your talk time with the individual or group. Users will see new conversations or conversations following the established cats. You can also delete WhatsApp chats whenever you want by pressing and holding the option and disable the Pin button.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Event: We’ve Got the Game Details!

Destiny 2 Gameplay Event: We’ve Got the Game Details!

Today, Hawthorne, CA, Bungie and Activision have hosted a game destination event 2. The presentation was broadcast live (you can see the replay here) and reveal all kinds of new information. We have learned that the PC version will be featured on Battle.net, we will have a new card that shows live events and allows you to travel quickly, and the game now supports clans and guided games, allowing players in Solitary to join a clan or simply run multiplayer content. There are new slot machines, subclasses and a villain named Ghaul. There was even a new trailer for the game. There was a lot in common, but we did not get a chance to sit down with Eric Osborne, head of the community, to talk in more detail. We also have an event gallery with images of Destiny 2 new toys, weapons and more, which can be seen below.

CONNECTION: Reveal Game Trailer Destination 2

ComingSoon.net: So the PC version of the game will be featured on Battle.net. Can you give us more details?

Eric Osborne: Obviously, we are working with Activision, and working closely with Blizzard and having cultivated relationships with Blizzard in a studio for a long time. Luke Smith, our game director, is a World of Warcraft Lord and spent a lot of time in his world and have spent a lot of time in ours, so he felt like a partnership and a very good association. We consider them close minds. We try to create a diverse, global and public players of various positive and welcoming. This seems to be a super beautiful way. And what an incredible opportunity, right? This is our first foray into PC gaming forever … what better way to make it our first step to having a partner in Blizzard and Battle.net.

. CS: Tell us more about the PC version of the upcoming game What kind of differences do we see? Something you want to highlight?

Osborne: Wherever we offer Destination 2, we obviously want to make sure the whole experience is. So, PlayStation 4, you get 4K support and all activities. And the PC, which really is more accessible, depending on your hardware. So things, like in widescreen format support, 4K resolution, frame rate unencapsulated. The FOV slider, us configurable commands fully customizable. It can be played on a keyboard and a mouse. You can play on a controller and make a quick swap if you want. So we really want to make sure that the first thing we do targeting on the PC is a true PC creation experience. We know that PC gamers are a demanding group. As players ourselves, we want to make sure it depends on the gaming community. We want to make sure it’s super adjustable, so if you play on a moderate PC, you can have this experience, and if you play a founder edition 7700 with 16 RAM, you can do whatever you want.

CS: The idea of clans in the game and guided games is something new and something that will allow solo players to have more access to the game. Can you talk about the genesis of this.

Osborne: Yes, that is, personally, my wife plays. She is quite alone. It is not antisocial, but it plays when our child is in school or when he has a break during a weekend and plays mainly in activities that he can play alone or in play. But this means failure in one of the best experiences we have to offer. We are aware that we have these people who want to play some of the advanced content that we have created some of the most difficult content. And we have these groups and communities that have formed very positive. Not just for a first-person shooter game, but for general video games. The associate simply looks like a great way to introduce individual players into groups without compromise and can also allow clans and social groups who are already trained to have a group of players who can pull out when needing one or two players in A certain night. Sometimes it is difficult for both parties

CDS Exam 2017-18 | All you need to know about the CDS exam

Notification: Invites applications for recruitment for several vacant positions at the Military Academy of India, Naval Academy India, Air Force Academy Academy in charge of training through examination Combined Defense Services – Women CDS Exam 2015) Course (non-technical)).

Applicants can read details and age eligibility criteria, exam details, and other things in the ad. Candidates can fill out online CDS exam forms on the official UPSC website, namely www.upsc.gov.in

2017 exam will be conducted by the UPSC on November 19, 2017 (Sunday) for admission to these courses

CDS UPSC (2) Vacancy Details

Total number of posts: 463 (approx.)
Name Position: Combined Defense Service (II) Review, 2017 (including women SSC (non-technical course)
I) Military Academy of India, Dehradun 145th (DE) Courses from July 2018 [19 vacancies reserved for holders include C CCN (Ala Army) certificate) – 150 (approximately)
Ii) Indian Naval Academy, of course Ezhimala from July 2018 Executive (General Services) (including 06 vacant positions reserved for NCC C certificate holders (naval wing) – 45 seats (approximately)
Ii) Air Force Academy training course, Hyderabad (Pre-flight), from August 2018, ie 32 vacancies (approximately)
Iv) Training Academy, Chennai 108th SSC (Men) (NT) of the course communion in November / December 2018 (provisional) – 255 positions (including 50 vacancies for the NCC ‘
V), Chennai 22 Courses for Women (non-technical) SSC Officers Training Academy from November / December 2018-11 positions (provisional)

CDS REVIEW REQUEST – How to apply for the CDS -II 2017 exam?
Applicants must apply online using the link www.upsconline.nic.in click here to apply
Applicants are invited to submit a single application, if due to any inevitable situation, if he / she has another / multiple requests, you must ensure that the application with the highest RID (Registration ID) is Completed in all aspects and contact information of applicant, examination center, photograph, signature, etc.
Applicants with multiple applications should note that only applications with the higher RID (ID Registration) will be received by the commission and the fees paid against a RID does not hold any other RID.
Applicants are not required to submit any certificate applications in support of their allegations regarding age, SC / ST / CBO academic qualifications and removal costs, etc.

Eligible applicants will receive an e-certificate three weeks before the start of the exam

Electronic Certificate of Admission will be available on the UPSC website www.upsc.gov.in to download for candidates. No admission certificate can be sent by post
Information in this regard may also be obtained at the facilitation desk located in the Commission office in person or by telephone at 011-2338527 / 011-23381125 / 011-23098543

WannaCry Attacks: Microsoft Criticised for Not Offering Free Patches to ‘Unsupported’ Windows XP Users Earlier

US software giant Microsoft has withdrawn the distribution of the free security update that could protect computers from the world of cybernetics WannaCry, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.

In mid-March, Microsoft released a security update after detecting a security flaw in its XP operating system that allows the WannaCry reference system to infiltrate and freeze computers last week.

However, the software giant has sent the free security update – or patch – users to the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system, according to the report.

Older software users, like Windows XP, had to pay heavy support costs, he added.

“The high price highlights the dilemma facing the world’s largest software company, trying to force customers to switch to newer, more secure software,” he said.

A Microsoft spokesman, based in the United States to AFP: “Microsoft offers custom support contracts as a security measure” for companies that choose not to upgrade their systems.
“To be clear, Microsoft would prefer that companies are improving and realizing all the advantages of the latest version rather than choosing a custom support.”

According to the FT, the cost of upgrading previous versions of Windows “from $ 200 (about Rs 13,000) per device in 2014, when regular support for XP ended at $ 400 (about 26 RS 000) the following year “While some customers were invited to pay additional fees.

The newspaper said the high costs led the British National Health Service – one of the first victims of the WannaCry attack – did not make the updates.

Microsoft finally distribute the patch for previous versions Friday – the day has detected ransomware.

Although the announcement was “too late to contain the outbreak of WannaCry,” the report said.

Microsoft has not confirmed the AFP when it made the free patch.

A group of hackers called Shadow Brokers released the malware in April, which claims to have discovered the defect of the NSA, according to Kaspersky Lab, a Russian provider of computer security

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launch Set for May 25

Xiaomi has finally revealed that he will launch successor Mi Max May 25 in China. The company launched a dedicated website where they revive the following Xiaomi MI 2 Max to launch next week.

The dedicated site tries to mock some features like a screen more than 6 inches in the High Medium 2 next to a large 5000 mAh battery. As previously announced, the Xiaomi MI 2 Max goes on sale in China in the first place. The company also launched the launch in Weibo.

Due to leaks so far, the Xiaomi Mi 2 Max should come in 4 GB RAM with 626 Snapdragon SoC and 6 GB RAM with 660 Snapdragon SoC variants priced at CNY 1,499 (around 14,000 RNC) and CNY 1,699 (around Of Rs 15,900) respectively. Some of the other proposed specs include a 12-megapixel rear camera with Sony’s full 6.44-inch IMX378 HD sensor. The phone is also considered sport a 5 megapixel front camera. Like the Mi Max, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is also likely to launch outside of China. The company will also introduce a 128 GB Medium High 2 storage variant.
Some of the supposed filtered images suggested the Mi Max 2 will result in a totally metallic body. The phone is also said to pack the dual loudspeaker grilles to the bottom edge of the device and a USB Type-C port. The 3.5mm audio jack is visible on the top of the device and the fingerprint scanner is located at the rear, like its predecessor.

Last year, Xiaomi will be considered to have shipped 1.5 million Max Mi units in the two months since its launch in China.

Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

Even before President Trump took office, Governor Jerry Brown of California said he was ready to fight climate change with the promise that in December California would launch its own satellite if M. Trump divert funds to The federal space missions.

Governor Brown will present a new challenge for management on climate change Thursday afternoon. In a video-conference speech at a global citizens’ festival in Hamburg, Germany, where President Trump and other officials are negotiating a statement on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Governor Brown will present an invitation to a global summit Weather in San Francisco.

“Look, it’s you and me and tens of millions more is bringing together the largest to push back the forces of carbonization and combine to fight against the existential threat of climate change.” Brown says to the thousands of people waiting to participate in the festival.

In the message, a preview of which was provided by the help, you will be asked “entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, mathematicians, teachers and others who represent” the world “to the conference in September 2018 in San Francisco.

“Yes, I know President Trump trying to get out of the Paris deal, but he does not speak for the rest of America,” Brown said in the video. “We, in California, and in the whole of America, believe that it is time to act.”
M. Trump said in May that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 pact in which nearly 200 countries pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support projects in poor countries to develop their own energy and protection Against climate disasters.

This announcement triggered a nationwide reaction to mayors, governors and other local leaders, who pledged to continue the fight against climate change.

The California summit is part of a broader effort to push local organizations recently revitalized by the United States’ withdrawal from the climate deal and start making promises that thousands of businesses and municipalities have already made in Paris.

According to the Office of Governor Brown, this will be the first meeting of a United States welcomed the United Nations negotiations on climate change.

Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, who will present Governor Brown Thursday night, said the group tried to quantify the amount of commitments made in different countries and sectors.

But after having had the first meeting in California, he said, he sends a strong message to the Trump administration.

“A summit of this kind is even more important because it has become even more crucial for the United States to see evidence that the US economy continues to decarbonize,” he said.
Bruce E. Cain, a professor of political science at Stanford University, noted that Governor Brown was no stranger to environmental crusades and that California had a long history of distinguishing itself from Washington in environmental policy.

“It’s a perfect role for him,” said M. Cain. “The only problem is that he has less than two years in this role, so for him, the challenge is to leave the office and be relevant to the debate.”

Governor Brown said his goal was not to oppose the president, but to encourage everyone to do more.

Police Find Drugs in Raid of Vatican Apartment

Police Find Drugs in Raid of Vatican Apartment

Vatican police have attacked an apartment belonging to the Vatican and detained an aide to one of Francisco’s top advisers.

Police in late June have found widespread use of drugs and men involved in homosexual activities during the bust at the house belonging to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian daily newspaper First to report the incident. Among its functions, to guide the congregation’s response to clerical cases of sexual abuse.

Authorities arrested the secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who was a occupant of the dwelling, but the official charges related to the incident have not been reported.

Coccopalmerio, who serves as president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and conducts interpretations of the laws of the Church, would have advised his secretary to promote the bishop.
Police were informed by neighbors, who complained of unusual behavior and a “constant coming and going” of housing.

The newspaper described the Pope as “crazy” and said that help was first taken in a clinic and hospital to be detoxified by the drugs he had used and “now he is back in an Italian convent.”

The scandal comes after the return of Cardinal George Pell in Australia to defend himself against charges related to multiple historical sex crimes. Pell, one of the Pope’s top advisers, is the highest ranking church official to deal with allegations of abuse.

Days after giving the Pell release, Francis has also recalled German Cardinal Gerhard Mueller as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to The Associated Press. It is not known whether the drug arrest noted played a role in the Pope’s decision.

The Pope has pledged a “zero tolerance” approach to abuse, but victim advocates said poor staffing decisions and the scandal of global abuses reaching the heart of the Vatican have tarnished its legacy.

As the India-China border standoff worsens, words of wisdom: Get over 1962

As the India-China border standoff worsens, words of wisdom: Get over 1962

In Ian Fleming Goldfinger, James Bond, said: “When it comes to a reality, twice is coincidence, and the third time is about the action of the enemy.”

For the first time since 1967, when its armies clashed in a short but brutal war, there are serious tensions between China and India on the Sikkim border.

The trial began in early June, before Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping to Astana made headlines before his visit to the United States.

This does not seem a coincidence: a clear pattern is emerging. If the Indian side that caused the increase or the Chinese side does not matter much.

The Indian public believes it is China, which has tensions. The Chinese public thinks it is India. In the new world of instant and massive communication, perceptions are true.

In the new world of instant and massive communication, perceptions are true.

However, some light than under the closed doors of the two armed forces. At the other end of the Chumbi valley between Sikkim and Bhutan, the Chinese are building a road in the Doklam plains in an area Bhutan is supposed to be under control, but China has claimed.

Our army believes that the Chinese presence here seriously threaten the concentrations and communications of India.

This does not help much to find that the Chumbi valley appears on the map as a dagger, not only to break Sikkim and Bhutan, but also Assam and the Northeast of the rest of India.

Therefore, the Indian army wants to position to challenge the domain of cervical Doko-La or Doklam People’s Liberation Army. There is nothing wrong with it, since India and Bhutan have military ties.

Obviously, the two largest armies in Asia compete for advantageous positions. This is natural, when there are large concentrations of troops in the elbow to elbow, and confidence is low between the two governments.

More than 40 years after Sikkim officially became part of India in 1975, China has yet to accept unequivocally as an integral part of India. The two countries are also in dispute over the territories of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Despite statements by former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in 2005 that Sikkim was no longer a problem in bilateral relations, many Chinese maps continue to show the Northeast state as part of India.
Verification of reality

The deliberate ambiguity Beijing the Sikkim seems to be the result of the belief that it could give the influence of China in India border talks. From the point of view of India, the question of whether China accepts its sovereignty over Sikkim is clear: the state is formally a part of the Republic of India, its composition is ratified by a referendum.

On this day, with the two countries that have strong armed forces, it would be prudent to forget those old notions and face reality.

There are also several other misconceptions between the two countries. Some Chinese experts said the recent conflict showed that India was still recovering from its embarrassing defeat in the 1962 war with China in the context of growing competition for influence and hostility between the two countries.

Despite their growing economic and trade relations, the two sides are deeply suspicious of the other. According to Beijing, India plays an active role in creating a coalition against China with the United States, Japan, Australia and Vietnam to counter the statement of Beijing diplomatic, economic and military.

The notorious absence of the top of the belt and the Indian road in May in Beijing is cited by the Chinese media as further proof of the tense relations between the two countries.

RPT-EXCLUSIVE-Energy giants court Qatar for gas expansion role despite crisis

RPT-EXCLUSIVE-Energy giants court Qatar for gas expansion role despite crisis

LONDON, July 5 (Reuters) – Three of the biggest Western energy companies are pushing Qatar to participate in a massive expansion of its gas production, putting unintended but timely momentum in Doha in its brilliant conflict with neighboring Gulf Arabic.

ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Total France leaders met with Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Qatar Tuesday before announcing a plan to increase LNG production by 30%.

Companies and industry sources told Reuters that CEOs had expressed interest in helping Qatar with its ambition to produce 100 million tonnes of LNG annually – equivalent to one-third of the world’s current supplies – within five of the Next seven years.

Companies that already have large investments in countries on both sides of the conflict and wish to remain neutral after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Doha June 5

Spokespersons for the three companies declined to comment. However, said a senior executive of a major energy with the intention of growing up in Qatar that the huge business opportunity is worth the considerable political risk.

“It’s not just a policy here: you have to behave like a trading company,” the executive told Reuters. “You should make your choice and be purely economic Qatar emirate in the UAE.”

Energy sales fueled Qatar’s rapid rise as a regional player since the late 1990s and oil industry interests for LNG expansion highlights its long-term economic muscle for the political line with its neighbors.

Darren Woods executives of Exxon and Shell Ben van Beurden gathered the emir after the four Arab countries have imposed sanctions. The total height of Patrick Pouyanne also visited Doha in recent weeks.

Qatar, the largest LNG supplier in the world and the second largest exporter of gas after Russia, has the lowest production costs. The plan was once considered a book in a price war, while Doha is trying to defend its market share, particularly against US supplies. Shale deposits where costs are higher.

Willingness to invest

The four Arab countries, which called for Qatar to stop favoring terrorism and to lure Iran, after meeting Wednesday that the response to its Doha complaints had been negative.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the political and economic boycott would remain until Qatar has improved its policies. Other measures would be taken at the appropriate time, he said.

Doha refuses to help terrorism and its Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, accused the four “clear aggressions” while adding that Qatar has continued to seek dialogue to resolve the conflict.

Exxon, Shell and Total have already invested heavily in Qatar, especially in gas liquefaction projects, which allows it to be sent by tanker trucks to consumer markets where pipeline transport is not feasible.

Woods, the Emir met on June 26 to discuss “cooperation” with Qatar, where Exxon has been present since 1935, according to a statement from the official news agency.

Sources close to the talks industry said that “Exxon CEO was very excited to join in the expansion of new gas capacity and expressed his readiness to invest.”

Woods has replaced Rex Tillerson of Exxon under whom he helped build LRG in the LNG industry until he left to become Secretary of State for the United States earlier this year.

Trump Aides’ Biggest Worry About Europe Trip: Meeting With Putin

Trump Aides’ Biggest Worry About Europe Trip: Meeting With Putin

VARSÉAGIE – President Trump arrived in Europe on Wednesday for three days of diplomacy culminating in a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir V. Putin, which has possible global implications and political consequences in the country.

Even his best people do not know exactly what Mr. Trump decides to do or say when he and M. Poutine will meet on Friday at the Economic Group of 20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

And that is what most worries the advisers and officials of his administration, while Mr. Trump begins his second trip overseas as president, first stopping in Warsaw on Thursday to give an address then in Hamburg.

The expected conversation with M. Poutine is in many ways a necessity, given the critical conflicts that divide the United States and Russia.

But it also poses risks for Mr Trump, who is facing a network investigating possible links to his campaign with Russia, as well as questions about his willingness to take Moscow for his military aggression and for-profit electoral interference.

The air of uncertainty about the meeting was highlighted by the president’s willingness to unpredictable states and the optics uncomfortable.

And that’s not the only packed meeting to expect M. Trump this week. Following the launch of North Korea on Tuesday to an intercontinental ballistic missile, it also faces new pressure to act against a Pyongyang threat that has long confused US presidents and has some attractive ways to tackle.

It should meet in Hamburg with Chinese President Xi Jinping as he complains that Beijing has not done enough to stop North Korea.

“There is a lot of nervousness in the White House and the State Department about the meeting and how they manage because they see many potential risks,” said Steven Pifer, former ambassador to Ukraine, who worked for the National Security Council and State Department .

“There is a gray cloud for the president of the collusion investigation, so any agreement will be subject to a review:” Is it a gift for Russians? ”

M. Trump himself does not appear to be concerned about the meeting. He told participants that he is more upset by the prospect of being scolded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders to leave agreements on Paris’s climate and its hard line on immigration.

Team M. Trump said he could evoke Russia’s documented interference during the 2016 election, but he is unlikely to insist on this: doubts about the legitimacy of his election should be highlighted.

Aides hope they will focus on issues related to Syria, including setting up security zones, anti-reluctant Islamic state and M. Poutine to prevent the government of President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons against the civilian population.