Rupee pares early gains, weakens to six-week low against US dollar

Rupee pares early gains, weakens to six-week low against US dollar

Mumbai: The Indian rupee has cut all gains on Friday morning and has weakened the 65-point mark to a six-week high against the dollar after losses in global capital and currency markets amid uncertainty about The Brazilian and American politics.

The rupee hit a high of 65.02 – a level reached on April 6. In 12h-28h, the rupee weakened to 65.01, down 0.21% from its previous close of 64.85. Earlier in the morning trading, it opened at 64.75 and was strengthened to 0.25% or $ 64.69.

The Sensex index fell 0.18% or 53.77 points to 30 375.47. So far this year, it increased by 13%.

Until this year, the rupee has gained 5.5%, while foreign investors bought 7.12 billion and 9.47 billion dollars respectively in local capital markets and loans.

The 10-year yield bond was trading at 6.669% since the previous close of 6.677%. Bond yields and prices move in opposite directions.

Asian currencies were trading lower. The Indonesian rupiah fell 0.3%, South Korea gained 0.21%, the Philippine peso, 0.13%, the Taiwan dollar, 0.11%, China’s 0.06% and China’s rENMINBI 0 , 05%. However, the Japanese yen increased by 0.31%.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the US dollar against major currencies, traded at 97,834, down 0.05% from its previous close of 97,879.

The Council on Goods and Services Tax (GST) held on Thursday 1 July for the establishment of the unified indirect tax that would contribute to the creation of a single national market and ensure that consumer products are any tax burden

Market Live: Sensex, Nifty off the day’s lows; market breadth still negative

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14:14 Checking the benchmarks market outweighs the weak points of the day, the Sensex Nifty trades and are almost flat with a positive bias.

The Sensex rose 41.72 points 30,476.51, while Nifty rose 8.25 points to 9,437.70. The width of the market remained negative as the stocks of 848 advanced against a decrease of 1771 shares, while 153 stocks remained unchanged.

Asian Paints, Gail and IndusInd Bank were the top losers in both indices, while ITC and HUL the most won.

13h 30 Faith and Order List: BSE stock contracts present futures and options in five companies, including RBL Banco and Compañía Nacional de Aluminio (Nalco), as of May 26

Hindustan Construction Company, Kajaria Ceramics and Ramco Cement from other companies in which futures and options have been authorized.

Market control 13:15: benchmark indexes are trading low, Sensex and Nifty cut all losses and completely reverse the trend.

The Sensex fell 33.44 points 30,401.35, while the Nifty fell 18.40 points 9411.05. The amplitude of the market was negative as the stocks of 798 advanced against a decrease of 1743 shares, while stocks of 155 remained unchanged.

ITC and the State Bank of India were the first winners, while Asian Paints, Hindalco and Gail were the main losers.

12:51 Gains: State Bank of India (SBI) rose by 122 percent year over year net profit for the March quarter at Rs 2,814 crore Friday, which was slightly lower than the CNBC-TV18 estimate of Rs2.832 crore.

The largest public sector bank recorded a net profit of Rs 1,263.81 crore in the corresponding quarter of last year.

Net interest income increased by 17.3% (year-on-year) 18,070,700,000 DEM for the quarter ending in March, which was higher than the CNBC-TV18 estimate of 15,275 and R $ 90 million. OSE reported net interest income of $ 15 401.30 gross in the same period last year.

24:30. Control: The Rajesh Exports Jewelry Company announced today that it hired an export order of Rs 1.140 crore value from a company based in the UAE.

“Rajesh exports has acquired a prestige order for its products worth Rs 1,140 crore,” the company said in a report to the BSE.

24:05 pm Checking the market selling pressure took over the D-Street at the end of the morning session, as the market erased a large portion of its profits.

Sensex recorded only 48.79 30.483.58 points, while the Nifty increased 4.30 points 9433.75. The width of the market, however, was negative as the 1311 stocks advanced against a decline of 1,385 shares, while 125 stocks remained unchanged.

ITC Hul continued to gain in indices, while Maruti Suzuki, TCS, Hindalco and Eicher Motors lost more.

Zombie 11:40: share price of Sutlej Industries Textiles and rose more than 4 percent intraday on Friday as the company has approved the subdivision of its shares.

The company, at its meeting held on May 18, approved the subdivision of the shares of Rs 10 each into 10 shares of Re 1 each.

The shares of the subdivision are subject to shareholder approval and will be effective after other legislative and regulatory approvals.

11:24 CESC World brokerage: Macquarie maintains the most aggressive target price of Rs 12 months of 1100 on Cesc sees strong revaluation in share price as a result of restructuring. It increased its target price from Rs 658 to Rs 1100.

CESC has announced a massive restructuring of its activities dividing the existing company into four different companies focused on a particular industry. This is a clean mirror and departed without loss of value for minorities.

11:10. Checking the market benchmark indices gave some of their initial earnings after Sensex hit a record high in the morning session.

The Sensex climbed 142.25 points to 30,577.04, and the Nifty increased by 36.25 points to 9465.70. Some 1,532 shares have advanced, 735 and 105 shares decreased shares have not changed.

The best loser includes OSE, HUL, ITC, Bharti Airtel and Coal India, while the top losers include TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Asian Paints and Maruti Suzuki.

State Bank Of India Q4 Net More Than Doubles To Rs. 2,815 Crore

State Bank Of India Q4 Net More Than Doubles To Rs. 2,815 Crore


Mumbai: State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender by assets, has recorded more than double its net profit in the fourth quarter as planned, while its non-performing loan ratio declined quarterly.

The autonomous net result, including the contributions of the subsidiaries, jumped to Rs. 2,815 crore for the three months to March 31, Rs. 1,264 crore in the previous year. It was the biggest profit of six quarters.

On average, analysts expected a net profit of Rs. 2,833 crore for the lender, according to data compiled by Thomson Reuters.
Active registration 150 billion in the banking sector of India has been a concern for the regulator and the government, which controls the 20 lenders who dominate the sector.

While the OSE did as well as its state competitors in managing their assets at a disadvantage, investors remain cautious because of their high exposure to industries under stress such as steel and power.

This month, the government amended its laws, giving the central bank greater power to identify and enforce the resolution on specific loans.

Gross unsecured loans as a percentage of total loans to the SBI, which account for more than a fifth of total bank assets in India, fell to 6.9% in March from 7.23% in December.

In absolute terms, however, gross bad loans increased to Rs. 1.12 lakh million rupees in late March of Rs. Rs 1.08 million lakh in December.

Provisions for doubtful accounts decreased 9.4 percent compared to the previous year to Rs. 10,993 crorein the March quarter.

Net interest income increased by 17.3% during the year prior to Rs. 18,071 crore in the March quarter. Fee income rose 4.9 percent compared with the previous year to Rs. 6,078 crore.

OSE, which merged its five subsidiary banks with itself and also supported a niche lender for women in the first consolidation movement in the sector also faces integration challenges fluidity of operations.

President Arundhati Bhattacharya told Reuters last month that the bank expects an increase in annual profit in three years on profits and cost efficiencies resulting from the merger of the subsidiaries.

SBI shares’ are ranked 2.5 percent higher after the results in a Mumbai market, which fell 0.1 percent.

Samsung Galaxy C10 with dual cameras in Rose Gold colour leaked

Samsung Galaxy C10 with dual cameras in Rose Gold colour leaked

Amsung will soon launch its first smartphone with two cameras. We know that Samsung is working to bring the successor to the Fire Resistance Note 7 titled Galaxy Note 8 in real life. Apart from that, the South Korean smartphone maker is also working on another smartphone, which would be the Samsung Galaxy C10. We do not know much about the Galaxy C10 at present, apart from the fact that it can be installed with two cameras.

If the rumors turn out to be true, Samsung Galaxy C10 will probably be the first smartphone phone maker in South Korea to offer two cameras. It should be remembered that the rumors previously disclosed in Note 8 to come also show the arrival of two chambers. That said, Samsung, if you rely on speculation, probably highlights a lot of adaptation to the new trend of dual camera.

This is not a negligible fact that dual camera is the new trend that is that most smartphone manufacturers have been. The recently announced Xiaomi 6 comes with exactly the same camera settings. Now Samsung is probably ready to embrace the trend and lead the race. We say that when the news filtered makes the next Samsung Galaxy C10 shows the arrival of two cameras. Galaxy Note 8 is also rumored to be the establishment of two sports cameras. However, this information is only rumored and should be taken with a pinch of salt until officials have announced devices.

The press returns to Samsung Galaxy C10 to come were shared in Weibo, and are shown for the first time by Android titles. The picture shows only the top half of the back of the phone unfinished. In addition to showing the double camera in all its splendor, it also shows that the power button is placed on the right side of the unit. The leak also provides a guide for the Galaxy C10 announced in pink. However, Samsung can also advertise various color combinations.

Earlier leaks suggest that Samsung Galaxy C10 can be equipped with a dual LED flash, which should be placed between the two rear chambers. As of now, no further details on the smartphone have been revealed
In addition to C10, Samsung is also working on Galaxy Note 8 and Note 7 reconditioned, to be known Note 7R. Rumors suggest, in terms of specs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be announced, will display a 6.3-inch screen and will also include a two-camera configuration such as the C10. In addition, the smart phone must include a CIS dual-camera 12-megapixel wide-angle and 13 megapixel telephoto. Rumors indicate that even Note 8 is compatible with 3X optical zoom, comes with two 6P lenses and supports dual OI

Zomato says hacker agrees to destroy 17 million user details, taken off dark web marketplace

Zomato says hacker agrees to destroy 17 million user details, taken off dark web marketplace


After the massive data leakage of confidential records of 17 million users, Zomato would have worked with the pirate to fill the gaps in his security system.

In a blog entry on the company’s website, the “ethical hacker” – whose identity has been preserved – simply wanted to expose security vulnerabilities in the corporate structure. In addition, the hacker would have given the company’s data on how hacking was done, which Zomato will soon reveal to the public.

“The attacker was very cooperative with us … his main request was that we carried a healthy cattle bonus program for security researchers,” said the blog, which the company has accessed off in exchange for all copies of stolen data In the dark web market and destroy it.

Read also: Zomato hacked: the breach of security resulting in 17 million stolen user data

According to Zomato’s blog post, the company will present a Hackerone error reward program. The bond market was used to sell the data on the dark web is no longer available according to the blog. “We look forward to working more closely with the ethical hacking community to make Zomato a safer place for our users,” he said.

Approximately 6.6 million users had hashes passwords in the data released, according to the blog. “Were viewed at only 5 data points – user IDs, names, usernames, email addresses and hashed password with salt. No more data has been exposed to anyone.

WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature Comes to Android

WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature Comes to Android


WhatsApp has finally introduced the new functionality of the cat for all Android users. The functionality was earlier this month for Android beta users. The WhatsApp chat feature allows users to rate cats’ favorite cats from the tab. With the new feature, WhatsApp users can display up to three contacts in addition to the rest of the conversation.

“With cats on, you should never worry about the long list to scroll conversations to send a text to your family or your best friend.Now users can classify up to three of the most important individual cat groups at the top of their list Chat for easy access – simply press and hold a chat message and hit the icon at the top of the screen clip, “said WhatsApp in a statement announcing the pin function for Android.

Unfortunately, pin cats currently only support three cats then a notification is displayed that “You can attach up to 3 cats” if you try to locate another cat.
In addition to the Pin option, WhatsApp users can also see other options, such as Erase, Mute, and Archive, which appear during prolonged cat pressure.

One of the key highlights of the new PIN functionality is that once you’ve impressed a cat, it will remain at the top of the chat list regardless of your dialogue or your talk time with the individual or group. Users will see new conversations or conversations following the established cats. You can also delete WhatsApp chats whenever you want by pressing and holding the option and disable the Pin button.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Event: We’ve Got the Game Details!

Destiny 2 Gameplay Event: We’ve Got the Game Details!

Today, Hawthorne, CA, Bungie and Activision have hosted a game destination event 2. The presentation was broadcast live (you can see the replay here) and reveal all kinds of new information. We have learned that the PC version will be featured on, we will have a new card that shows live events and allows you to travel quickly, and the game now supports clans and guided games, allowing players in Solitary to join a clan or simply run multiplayer content. There are new slot machines, subclasses and a villain named Ghaul. There was even a new trailer for the game. There was a lot in common, but we did not get a chance to sit down with Eric Osborne, head of the community, to talk in more detail. We also have an event gallery with images of Destiny 2 new toys, weapons and more, which can be seen below.

CONNECTION: Reveal Game Trailer Destination 2 So the PC version of the game will be featured on Can you give us more details?

Eric Osborne: Obviously, we are working with Activision, and working closely with Blizzard and having cultivated relationships with Blizzard in a studio for a long time. Luke Smith, our game director, is a World of Warcraft Lord and spent a lot of time in his world and have spent a lot of time in ours, so he felt like a partnership and a very good association. We consider them close minds. We try to create a diverse, global and public players of various positive and welcoming. This seems to be a super beautiful way. And what an incredible opportunity, right? This is our first foray into PC gaming forever … what better way to make it our first step to having a partner in Blizzard and

. CS: Tell us more about the PC version of the upcoming game What kind of differences do we see? Something you want to highlight?

Osborne: Wherever we offer Destination 2, we obviously want to make sure the whole experience is. So, PlayStation 4, you get 4K support and all activities. And the PC, which really is more accessible, depending on your hardware. So things, like in widescreen format support, 4K resolution, frame rate unencapsulated. The FOV slider, us configurable commands fully customizable. It can be played on a keyboard and a mouse. You can play on a controller and make a quick swap if you want. So we really want to make sure that the first thing we do targeting on the PC is a true PC creation experience. We know that PC gamers are a demanding group. As players ourselves, we want to make sure it depends on the gaming community. We want to make sure it’s super adjustable, so if you play on a moderate PC, you can have this experience, and if you play a founder edition 7700 with 16 RAM, you can do whatever you want.

CS: The idea of clans in the game and guided games is something new and something that will allow solo players to have more access to the game. Can you talk about the genesis of this.

Osborne: Yes, that is, personally, my wife plays. She is quite alone. It is not antisocial, but it plays when our child is in school or when he has a break during a weekend and plays mainly in activities that he can play alone or in play. But this means failure in one of the best experiences we have to offer. We are aware that we have these people who want to play some of the advanced content that we have created some of the most difficult content. And we have these groups and communities that have formed very positive. Not just for a first-person shooter game, but for general video games. The associate simply looks like a great way to introduce individual players into groups without compromise and can also allow clans and social groups who are already trained to have a group of players who can pull out when needing one or two players in A certain night. Sometimes it is difficult for both parties

WannaCry Attacks: Microsoft Criticised for Not Offering Free Patches to ‘Unsupported’ Windows XP Users Earlier

US software giant Microsoft has withdrawn the distribution of the free security update that could protect computers from the world of cybernetics WannaCry, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.

In mid-March, Microsoft released a security update after detecting a security flaw in its XP operating system that allows the WannaCry reference system to infiltrate and freeze computers last week.

However, the software giant has sent the free security update – or patch – users to the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system, according to the report.

Older software users, like Windows XP, had to pay heavy support costs, he added.

“The high price highlights the dilemma facing the world’s largest software company, trying to force customers to switch to newer, more secure software,” he said.

A Microsoft spokesman, based in the United States to AFP: “Microsoft offers custom support contracts as a security measure” for companies that choose not to upgrade their systems.
“To be clear, Microsoft would prefer that companies are improving and realizing all the advantages of the latest version rather than choosing a custom support.”

According to the FT, the cost of upgrading previous versions of Windows “from $ 200 (about Rs 13,000) per device in 2014, when regular support for XP ended at $ 400 (about 26 RS 000) the following year “While some customers were invited to pay additional fees.

The newspaper said the high costs led the British National Health Service – one of the first victims of the WannaCry attack – did not make the updates.

Microsoft finally distribute the patch for previous versions Friday – the day has detected ransomware.

Although the announcement was “too late to contain the outbreak of WannaCry,” the report said.

Microsoft has not confirmed the AFP when it made the free patch.

A group of hackers called Shadow Brokers released the malware in April, which claims to have discovered the defect of the NSA, according to Kaspersky Lab, a Russian provider of computer security

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launch Set for May 25

Xiaomi has finally revealed that he will launch successor Mi Max May 25 in China. The company launched a dedicated website where they revive the following Xiaomi MI 2 Max to launch next week.

The dedicated site tries to mock some features like a screen more than 6 inches in the High Medium 2 next to a large 5000 mAh battery. As previously announced, the Xiaomi MI 2 Max goes on sale in China in the first place. The company also launched the launch in Weibo.

Due to leaks so far, the Xiaomi Mi 2 Max should come in 4 GB RAM with 626 Snapdragon SoC and 6 GB RAM with 660 Snapdragon SoC variants priced at CNY 1,499 (around 14,000 RNC) and CNY 1,699 (around Of Rs 15,900) respectively. Some of the other proposed specs include a 12-megapixel rear camera with Sony’s full 6.44-inch IMX378 HD sensor. The phone is also considered sport a 5 megapixel front camera. Like the Mi Max, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is also likely to launch outside of China. The company will also introduce a 128 GB Medium High 2 storage variant.
Some of the supposed filtered images suggested the Mi Max 2 will result in a totally metallic body. The phone is also said to pack the dual loudspeaker grilles to the bottom edge of the device and a USB Type-C port. The 3.5mm audio jack is visible on the top of the device and the fingerprint scanner is located at the rear, like its predecessor.

Last year, Xiaomi will be considered to have shipped 1.5 million Max Mi units in the two months since its launch in China.

Oppo A77 launched in Taiwan: Key specifications and features

While Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was earlier powered to be the first Samsung phone to have a dual camera installation, new leaks suggest that the company’s C10 smartphone could jump and take the honor. Freshly filtered images of Samsung Galaxy C10 not only suggest that the phone will feature a dual camera setup, but also that it will be the first smartphone of the South Korean company to have this camera setup.

The filtered image of the Galaxy C10 smartphone, published on Weibo, suggests that the smartphone will be available in a variant of Rose Color, as highlighted in the report on Android titles. Although there is no additional information provided with the filtered image, the antenna lines and the metal body are clearly visible. The power button appears to be located on the right side of the smartphone.
In addition, the Samsung Galaxy C10 seems to deploy to double LED, present between the two rear cameras at the back of the smartphone. As there have been no previous phone leaks, we will have to wait for the official announcement of the company for further details.

A recent leak has suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a 6.3-inch display and will also feature a two-camera setup. The smart phone has been tilted to have a dual camera configuration that will consist of a 12-megapixel CIS double-angle photodiode and a 13-megapixel telephoto lens. It supports 3X optical zoom, comes with double 6P lenses and supports dual OIS.