Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

Jerry Brown to Announce a Climate Summit Meeting in California

Even before President Trump took office, Governor Jerry Brown of California said he was ready to fight climate change with the promise that in December California would launch its own satellite if M. Trump divert funds to The federal space missions.

Governor Brown will present a new challenge for management on climate change Thursday afternoon. In a video-conference speech at a global citizens’ festival in Hamburg, Germany, where President Trump and other officials are negotiating a statement on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Governor Brown will present an invitation to a global summit Weather in San Francisco.

“Look, it’s you and me and tens of millions more is bringing together the largest to push back the forces of carbonization and combine to fight against the existential threat of climate change.” Brown says to the thousands of people waiting to participate in the festival.

In the message, a preview of which was provided by the help, you will be asked “entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, mathematicians, teachers and others who represent” the world “to the conference in September 2018 in San Francisco.

“Yes, I know President Trump trying to get out of the Paris deal, but he does not speak for the rest of America,” Brown said in the video. “We, in California, and in the whole of America, believe that it is time to act.”
M. Trump said in May that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 pact in which nearly 200 countries pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support projects in poor countries to develop their own energy and protection Against climate disasters.

This announcement triggered a nationwide reaction to mayors, governors and other local leaders, who pledged to continue the fight against climate change.

The California summit is part of a broader effort to push local organizations recently revitalized by the United States’ withdrawal from the climate deal and start making promises that thousands of businesses and municipalities have already made in Paris.

According to the Office of Governor Brown, this will be the first meeting of a United States welcomed the United Nations negotiations on climate change.

Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, who will present Governor Brown Thursday night, said the group tried to quantify the amount of commitments made in different countries and sectors.

But after having had the first meeting in California, he said, he sends a strong message to the Trump administration.

“A summit of this kind is even more important because it has become even more crucial for the United States to see evidence that the US economy continues to decarbonize,” he said.
Bruce E. Cain, a professor of political science at Stanford University, noted that Governor Brown was no stranger to environmental crusades and that California had a long history of distinguishing itself from Washington in environmental policy.

“It’s a perfect role for him,” said M. Cain. “The only problem is that he has less than two years in this role, so for him, the challenge is to leave the office and be relevant to the debate.”

Governor Brown said his goal was not to oppose the president, but to encourage everyone to do more.

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