NASA reveals that science fiction films have described the nature of space.

NASA reveals that science fiction films have described the nature of space. However, it is quite interesting when it comes to declaring actual images of astronomers working at 250 miles above the Earth. NASA has recently launched amazing “cam action” images of a

space walk

on the International Space Station, revealing what happens just after astronauts leave their spacecraft in orbit. It’s like a space walk
“During the spacewalk, ESA Thomas Pesquet and NASA Shane Kimbrough prepared the adapter-3 pressure coupling for a second international docking adapter that allows commercial vehicles from the commercial dock”

NASA operates space suits and may compromise future missions

A new audit of the NASA authorities reveals that it operates low in space and new suits may not be there in time. Astronauts have used the same facilities since 1981. The success was designed only for the last 15 years, but NASA was able to lie down in the … Why NASA operates the space suits revealed by Google News View They are similar. ..

NASA space suits have surpassed 40 years and fall

A new workplace report from NASA’s Joint Inspector found that the company operates in the region in short-term space spaces designed for space walks at the global area station. This is what astronauts have called objects of extravehicular mobility. Auditors Criticized NASA Growth Space Suits Printed by Google News View They are similar …

The New Space Suit program of NASA is online

In the past eight years, NASA has spent about $ 200 million trying to develop new space games. However, auditors report that the company is not even close to the preparation of its subsequent configuration technology. However, they must be obtained relatively quickly or miss a report – NASA OIG revealed by Google News View They are similar …

NASA is working from space suits – and can not make the news fast enough

NASA space suits aging begin to collapse and replacements are however a number of years, according to a report from the society auditor. If you have received spare parts in the locker room, NASA would have. This corresponds to … Report – NASA OIG Printed by Google News View They are similar …

NASA revealed the “watercolor world” Saturn

It was created by citizen scientist Gabriel Fiset using JunoCam instrument data on NASA’s Juno spacecraft. Scroll down for video. Gabriel Fiset created by using the data in JunoCam instrument Juno spacecraft of NASA. 11. Created by the Cassini spacecraft … It is a large gap between the rings of Saturn Posted by GoogleNews View They are similar … NASA revealed the “world of watercolor” Saturn – Daily Mail

A walk in the eye of NASA in the sky

As with most other telescopes, astronomers postulate a time of observation on the Sofia by presenting proposals that are evaluated by their peers for their scientific promise and their intellectual merits. SOFIA, however, is special so that observers can also request. Astronomers have discovered a solar system that is “very similar” to our own GoogleNews View View They are similar … A walk in the eyes of NASA in the sky – Phys.Org

Why are you working with NASA space suits?he global area station. However, they do not seem to be adequate enough to walk on the moon … NASA is working out of the home – and it’s New Year’s news prepared Revealed By Google News View They are similar …


NASA has been working on its obsolete steps, and the news may be out of place in the house. Space suits at that time are designed to function properly when astronauts float outside t

NASA will not have new costumes for years

NASA is about to expire the space suits and is year to prepare new preparations for future missions, according to a new report. The Joint Inspector Workplace (OIG) of NASA found that, regardless of investing nearly 200 million swimwear in the region, NASA is working out of the area,
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