The Latest: Trump arrives at Royal Castle for Duda meeting

The Latest: Trump arrives at Royal Castle for Duda meeting

The Latest: Trump arrives at Royal Castle for Duda meeting

Warsaw, Poland – President Donald Trump’s last official visit to Europe (all local times):

9:30 in the morning.

President Donald Trump meets with Polish President Andrzej Duda (AHN-Zhay Doo-Dah) as he begins his second trip abroad.

Trump arrived at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland shortly before 9:30 pm local time.

The two leaders exchanged extensive handshakes in front of a white marble bust of Stanislaus II Poniatowski, the last king of Poland, and then posed for the photos before starting their closed meeting.
President Donald Trump is preparing to welcome his Polish counterpart when he begins a 16-hour tour of the Eastern European nation.

Trump and Andrzej Duda (AHN-Zhay Doo-Dah) will hold morning meetings and hold a joint press conference at the end of the day.

Trump is also expected to deliver an opening speech to the poles of Krasinski Square, site of a monument to the Warsaw uprising of 1944 against the Nazis.

He will also meet with the heads of a dozen countries bordering the waters of the Baltic, and black Adrian known as the Three Seas Initiative. The group aims to develop and modernize energy and trade in order to reduce the region’s dependence on Russian energy.
The Polish Jewish community deeply expresses “regret” that President Donald Trump has not scheduled a visit to a monument in honor of those who fought and died in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during his short visit to Warsaw.

The community issued a statement Tuesday saying that all US presidents and vice presidents traveling to Warsaw since 1989 have visited the monument, a tribute to the Jews who took up arms against the odds against the Nazi Germans in The ghetto of Warsaw.

The statement said that, for the Jews of Poland, “this gesture meant recognition, solidarity and hope.”

He added: “We deeply regret that President Donald Trump, despite speaking publicly within a mile of the building, chose to break with this laudable tradition, along with many others.”
The Polish Defense Minister said the Trump administration has agreed to the sale in Poland of a new batch of Patriot missiles in the medium term to improve the European air defenses.

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